PRCCI featured on the latest magazine issue of Industriales

We are excited to share with you that Revista Industriales January 2021 edition has been released and we are featured in it.  

This edition includes comprehensive content looking ahead to this year in areas such as economy, development, manufacturing, law and regulations, and health among others. Also contained is a piece about clinical investigation on the Island and PRCCI’s role. The editor includes multiple interviews with opinion leaders in the private, non-profit, and government sectors including those with Governor Pedro Pierluisi and Secretary of the PR Department of Economic Development and Commerce, Manuel Cidre. 

To review this edition: 

We recognize INDUSTRIALES’ editor José Julio Balmaceda for his willingness to pursue our story about clinical investigation in PR. This exposure further supports our efforts to amplify education about clinical investigation ecosystem and enhance its importance for PR’s development and patients’ well-being. 

Revista Industriales is Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association’s official communications channel and is published on quarterly basis. The publication is distributed in digital and print format and posted on PRMA’s website. 

Enjoy the January INDUSTRIALES Edition!