PRCCI expands its presence at patient conventions and healthcare professionals’ congresses

August – September 2022 have certainly been an enriching period for PRCCI capturing the opportunity to join face to face patient conventions and health-care practitioners’ congresses, while reconnecting with partners and identifying further collaboration opportunities with professionals and patient needs. We fully enjoyed our participation in these forums and the opportunity to interact with on-going partners and getting to know new ones. 
The future looks promising for the Puerto Rico clinical investigation ecosystem with more studies coming to us, patients eager to learn more about clinical investigation and more professionals getting trained to enter the field, while others continued to expand their knowledge through our 2022 Training Program.
All these initiatives are sustained by our social media on-going disease awareness campaign, patient recruitment efforts and providing training program content while engaging in new targeted media exposure opportunities.

Our July-September engagements at a glance:

July, 2022

Radio Interviews:

  • “Felizmente saludable con Lily García”, Radio Isla 1320 – Moderator: Lily García
  • “Hablemos de Reumatología”, Radio Isla 1320 – Moderator: Grisel Lugo, Directora Ejecutiva,Fundación Puertorriqueña de Enfermedades Reumáticas, Inc.

August 2022

  • Forum: The Importance of Clinical Research in PR | Virtual
    Excellent discussion between Dr. Oscar Soto Raíces, MD, School of Medicine Professor at
    University of Puerto Rico -Medical Director: Mindful Rheumatix and Mindful Medical Research Center- and, Dr. Amarilys Silva-Boschetti, PharmD, BSPharma, RPh, Executive Director, PRCCI. Moderator: Dr. Maricelly Santiago-Ortiz, Ph.D., PRCCI Business and Site Development Lead, around the importance of clinical investigation and ecosystem’s development.
  • PRCCI was present at #ReumaExpo 2022!
    Aligned with PRCCI’s commitment to patient education, including related rheumatic diseases, our Executive Director, Dr. Amarilys Silva-Boschetti participated in the panel: Speaking out about rheumatic diseases. We thank the Fundación FER for the initiative and invitation to participate in this important event for our patients.

In the photo in order from left to right:

  • Dr. Amarilys Silva-Boschetti, Executive Director, PRCCI
  • Griselle Lugo, Executive Director, Fundación FER
  • Dr. Oscar Soto-Raíces, President Fundación FER
  • Dra. Maricelly Santiago Ortiz, Business and Site Development Lead, PRCCI
  • Asociación de Salud Primaria Annual Convention
    Dr. Amarilys Silva-Boschetti, Pharm.D., PRCCI Executive Director participated in the panel: Integrating clinical research on the path to transforming value-based care during Asociación de Salud Primaria de Puerto Rico’s Annual Convention of Health Centers’ Leaders. She presented opportunities avaialble in the PR clinical investigation field and how PRCCI and ASPPR can collaborate to bring more studies to the Island while further contributing to patients’ well-being.
    We appreciate the invitation to participate in this panel with Dr. Enid J García, MD, MPH, PI -Director, Endowed Health Services Research Center, School of Medicine, University of Puerto Rico and Dr. Carlamarie Noboa Ramos, PhD, MS, Leader- Hispanic Alliance for Clinical and Translational Research University of Puerto Rico-Medical Sciences Campus; with the participation as moderator of Dr. Darielys Cordero, Director of Special Programs and Clinical Quality, ASPPR.

In the photo from left to right:

  • Jorge Martínez-Martinó, MPH, Research Operations Lead, PRCCI
  • Alicia Suárez Fajardo, MA, Executive Director, ASPPR
  • Amarilys Silva – Boschetti, Pharm.D., BS.Pharm, Executive Director, PRCCI

Puerto Rico has a wide network of Primary Healthcare Centers. “And PRCCI has the capabilities to support the Centers in establishing clinical research initiatives locally, facilitating all the fundamental processes for this to happen.”
See the participation recap of Dr. Amarilys-Silva Boschetti, PRCCI Executive Director, in the Asociación de Salud Primaria de Puerto Rico Annual Convention promoting the integration of Primary Healthcare Centers within the local clinical research ecosystem. The effort is meant to continue contributing to the value-care model and to the data collection process in acquiring new insights into the local population’s profile.

  • 10th Annual Respiratory Congress
    Congratulations to Dr. Álvaro Aranda, president of CACRCPR and the entire team for the 10th Annual Respiratory Congress, which had an extensive scientific program with local and international specialists in the respiratory field. We appreciate the opportunity to be in the exhibition area and to talk with participants about clinical research in PR and its presence in the respiratory field.

In the photo from left to right:
Dr. Álvaro Aranda, president of CACRCPR and Dr. Dr. Amarilys-Silva Boschetti, PRCCI Executive Director.

In the photo from left to right:

  • Obed Pérez, Business Support Specialist, PRCCI
  • Dra. Maricelly Santiago Ortiz, Business and Site Development Lead, PRCCI
  • Ana Doris Gómez Granados, Clinical Research Quality Associate, PRCCI

In the photo from left to right:

  • Dra. Maricelly Santiago Ortiz, Business and Site Development Lead, PRCCI
  • Mitzy González, EdD, Training and HIPAA Compliance Officer, PRCCI
  • Chrys Cuencas, Clinical Research Specialist, PRCCI

In the photo from left to right:

  • Dra. Maricelly Santiago Ortiz, Business and Site Development Lead, PRCCI
  • Edmagally Villafane RN, BSN, Clinical Research Quality Manager, PRCCI
  • Astrid Díaz-Quiñones, MS

September 2022

  • Professional Certification: Clinical Research Coordinators (CRC) 
    This is the 7th edition of the PRCCI CRC virtual training offer typically taking place from from September – November.  Over 120 individuals from different academic backgrounds have completed the training and 37 have registered for this current session.
    Additional information: PRCCI 2022 Professional Training Program at
  • Vístete de Azul Celebration
    PRCCI joined for the second year the initiatives of the #VísteteDeAzul movement to raise awareness about prostate cancer. It constituted an initiative of Coalición de Cancer Colorectal de Puerto Rico and miR Scientific, LLC, along with non-profit organizations, corporations, and government entities to illuminate buildings in blue joining various countries around the world. According to the American Cancer Society, it is estimated that 268,490 men will be diagnosed nationwide with prostate cancer in 2022. Early detection is key, so it is important for men to visit their doctor and learn about prostate cancer screening tests while reducing the risk of death from this type of treatable cancer.

In the photo in order from left to right:

  • Sam Salman, CEO, miR Scientific
  • Ivli Salman, Director of the office of CEO, miR Scientific
  • Dra. Maricelly Santiago-Ortiz, Ph.D., Business & Site Development Lead, PRCCI
  • Dr. Alvin López, Urologist, Hima San Pablo-Caguas
  • Arminda “‘Mindy” Figueroa, Chief of Staff – Country Manager, miR Scientific
  • Print media interview Revista Hospitales: Médicos Emprendedores
    We thank Revista Hospitales for their article “Médicos Emprendedores” , page 56 in promoting further healthcare practitioners to join the clinical investigation field. Please see additional coverage around PRCCI’s participation at the PR Pharmaceutical Association annual meeting, pages 74-75
  • PRCCI team Building session
    Under the leadership of Dr. Amarilys Silva – Boschetti PRCCI hosted a team building session for all employees and collaborators providing an opportunity for personal one-on-one interactions and getting to know more about each colleague at  professional and personal level.
    Thanks to Mitzy González, EdD who organized this session.

PRCCI Team: Obed Pérez, Mitzy González, Dayanara Belén, Astrid Díaz-Quiñones, Zuna Maza, Amarilys Silva/PRCCI Executive Director, Sonia Camacho, Maricelly Santiago, Edmagally Villafane, Chrys Cuencas and Jorge Martínez.

More to come from PRCCI for the healthcare practitioners, patients and those interested in exploring the clinical investigation field as a new or extended profession. Stay tuned!
For additional information about our October – December events and training program please follow us on social media, visit this website or connect with us at