PRCCI internal and external agenda to promote clinical investigation in PR ever slows down through participation in diverse ecosystem forums. As Covid -19 continues to be part of our life, claim for a better understanding of clinical investigation as it steadily contributes toward health improvement of people impacted by the virus and other conditions grows.

Our enriching agenda during the last couple of months has thrived to present clinical investigation subject in a variety of venues,  ranging from life sciences professionals to women in the manufacturing industry ,among others. Thanks to our executive director Dr. Amarilys Silva-Boschetti for representing PRCCI in amplifying awareness and furthering knowledge about clinical investigation.

During August we joined the 9th Respiratory Congress – “Back to Basics: Simple to Complex Problems in Pulmonary Disease,” event sponsored by Coalición de Asma y Otras Condiciones Respiratorias Crónicas de PR. Dr. Silva-Boschetti delivered a presentation on “Medical Ethics and Professionalism: PRCCI and Issues in Puerto Rico.”

October brought another opportunity to additionally expand on the clinical investigation conversation through the executive director’s participation at the 18th annual celebration of the month of Bioscience, Bioscience and Puerto Rico, “Innovation that Transforms” presented by PR Bioscience – INDUNIV. She joined the panel “Transcendental and Innovative Changes that Occurred during the Mitigation of the Pandemic” and elaborated on “The Scientific Process: PR’s Strategic Position to Attract opportunities,” which also included speakers from Pfizer, PR Health Department and VOCES.

PRCCI shifted gears during its participating at SWIA Southwestern Industrial Association Women October Business Talk II.  This activity included a panel and gathering session brought together 8 women from various fields around journeys to success in the business world. Dr. Silva contributed to the panel by sharing her experience from the perspective of pharma and clinical investigation areas.