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In August 2023, PRCCI inaugurated a modern clinical research center that locally complements the ecosystem of this discipline and the centers that are part of the PRCCI network. The new PRCCI Clinical Research Center provides a space and resources so that both the centers that are part of the organization’s network, as well as other centers and researchers in Puerto Rico’s research ecosystem, can implement studies in a state of the art facility.

The new PRCCI Clinical Research Center, whose space is 2,600 square feet, is located on the first floor of the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust’s Innovation Center Building. The facilities have a reception area, sample collection (triage), laboratory to process samples, examination rooms, medical offices, observation room, room to administer infusions, preparation area, storage and dispensing of research products, area for clinical coordinators, warehouse and parking.

The consortium of clinical research centers is part of PRCCI’s key assets. With centers in different parts of the island, PRCCI facilitates access to new treatments for more patients in Puerto Rico. Additionally, centers that partner with PRCCI’s non-profit initiative obtain sustainable and tangible benefits that in turn boost the Puerto Rican economy in general.

By understanding the needs, requirements and preferences of the sponsor, together with the practical relationship with the network of research centers, a successful initiative is achieved. The consortium also counts with PRCCI’s new research facilities to expand its reach and carry out additional clinical studies.

The professional training program in clinical research offered by PRCCI includes a Clinical Research Coordinator Certification. To date, PRCCI has trained 192 people with the Clinical Coordinators course. As well as education in different areas related to research. These courses are taught in person, virtual or “on demand”.

PRCCI’s Community Outreach and Patient Engagement service focuses on establishing meaningful connections between clinical research and the community, as well as actively involving patients in the process.

This approach strengthens trust between researchers and the community, encourages patient participation, and contributes to the advancement of medical research in an ethical and collaborative manner.

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